Here’s what Andy’s already done to help Riverside…

  • Founded the Riverside Arts Academy
  • Established the Youth Opportunity Center for at risk youth
  • Complete funding for the Centro de Ninos Child Care Center
  • Refurbished and updated Cesar Chavez Community Center
  • Built the first Park and Rec skateboard Park in Riverside
  • Refurbished and upgraded Sippy Woodhead Pool
  • Installed the first Synthetic Turf Football/Soccer field in the City
  • Expanded and upgraded Bordwell Park Stratton Center
  • Installed outdoor exercise equipment at both Lincoln and Bordwell Park
  • Upgraded Playground equipment at Lincoln Park
  • Enhanced art in our Eastside parks and neighborhood
  • Removed Bad Hotels on University Ave to include Roadway Inn, Stardust Hotel, Welcome Inn, Big L Hotel
  • Removed 2 bad liquor stores along University Ave.
  • Artist in residence housing unit
  • Supported the Riverside Renaissance
  • Removed 5 bad and nuisance night clubs along University Ave.
  • Worked to establish new modern Starbucks on Iowa and University
  • Supported the construction of Walgreens on University Ave.
  • Installed Signal Light at Ransom Road and Canyon Crest Drive
  • Established Strong Relationship with UCR to calm student housing issue
  • Established several ordinances to promote quality of life such as noise ordinance, extra ordinary response, etc…
  • Established the Ameal Moore Nature Museum Center at Sycamore Canyon
  • Supported and encouraged 4 Story Mission Lofts Apartment Complex at Mission Inn Ave and Commerce Ave.
  • Supported and encouraged New 5 story Hotel at University Village (currently being built)
  • Supported construction of California Air Resources Board on Iowa (UCR property)
  • Supported and encouraged UEI Building on University Building
  • Established adopt an alley program
  • Created an Eastside Artist Alliance

And still to come…

  • Rehabilitation and improvements of Park Ave.
  • Two additional artistic bike racks on Park Ave.
  • Adding two additional bike lanes on Park Ave.
  • Additional artist murals on Park Ave.
  • Parkletts on Park Ave.
  • Development of Transit orient development
  • 65 Affordable housing unit complex at 7th street and Chicago Ave. (20 housing first units, 45 affordable family units)
  • Additional lighting on Park Ave.
  • 100+ apartment complex on corner of Park and University (going through entitlement)
  • Steal Craft food complex at Ottawa and University Ave. (in planning process)
  • Canyon Crossing Medical Hospital, Medical Clinics and Housing at the 215 Fwy and Eastridge (in planning)

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